Reverend Roderick Macdonald, Minister addressed the Scottish Parliament Time for Reflection in October 2012

Reverend Roderick Ian Turnbull Macdonald BD, Cert Min.
Ordained 3rd December 1992. Studied at Glasgow University.
I prefer to be called Roddy.

Chaplain Beith Primary and Gateside Primary School:
We have a good relationship with the local schools providing school assemblies each month and Church services and visits throughout the year.

Royal Army Chaplains Department Chaplain ACF:
As ACF Chaplain for the West Lowland Battalion I attend annual camps and training weekends. This is enjoyable work with young adults and officers.

Convener Of Beith Christian Action Group (Thrift shop).
The Thrift shop is an ecumenical project, which was well established before I came here and provides financial support for many local and national charities. Please see the link on the website for more details.

I was ordained as a Minister in St Nicholas Cardonald Parish Church of Scotland Glasgow in December 1992 where I served for 12 years before I came to Beith in 2005.

Moving on and moving forward is never easy, it was hard to leave my congregation in Glasgow but will not forget them or what I learned from them.

Here in Beith I have used what I learned from them and from that experience, but have always tried to look forward as Jesus advises in Luke 9:62.

In Beith we have come through many changes and we are still moving forward, still changing and growing together.

I have grown to love the people in this congregation like family and have been greatly supported by many of them through difficult times.

I believe that God is a great enabler for those whom he calls and has a sense of humour otherwise he would never have called me to be his minister.

I also believe in worship we are all equal before God and should be equally forgiving and accepting of others.

Mark 11 :25 Whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven will also forgive you your.”