1st Beith Rainbows
Charity Number SC036482


1st Beith Rainbows meet every Wednesday in the Parish Church lesser hall from 5.45pm – 7pm

Guider – Ellen Hart – Phone 01505 502164
Unit Helper – Michelle Carlyle

The Rainbows are aged from 5 to 7 year olds. They receive a bag and a book “Ready for Rainbows” when they start.  They work through this until their second year when they finish by receiving their “Pot of Gold “ badge and move up to Brownies.

The Rainbow programme is divided into four sections. Look – Learn – Laugh – Love. We have to build the years activities and badges around these plus the Roundabout badges which are Festivals – Seasons – Rainbows – The World – All about me.  They have all to do four sections in each badge.

Our weekly meetings have set activities. The Rainbow Song – The Rainbow Chat – 2 Games – and then a Craft or Challenge.  We finish with Pass the Smile and Good Night.

The Subscriptions are £2 per week at the moment and our census payment this year was £30 for each girl.

The Promise is ‘I Promise that I will do my best to think about my beliefs and to be kind and helpful’. We renew our promise at our Thinking Day Parade  on the nearest Sunday to the 22nd February which is our founder Baden Powell’s birthday.

We have two websites which we must keep up to date with information about the girls we have in our unit. If you would like more information see the general website at Girlguiding.org.uk.