The induction service of Rev Adri La Grange will take place today Nov 9th and can be seen on a stream here, there is also a link to this stream on the Beith Church Facebook page.

The Sunday Morning Service will be streamed on the Beith Church Facebook page at 11:00am.

Beith Parish Church: a friendly, warm welcoming and all-inclusive congregation, striving to serve God and the community in worship faith and action,

A place where people know they are accepted, valued, loved and cared for by God’s grace.

This is the statement of whom we are and whom we strive to be, our mission statement agreed by Beith Parish Kirk Session

This is a site where hopefully you will find what you are looking for about Beith Parish Church.

Someone once said to me you always find what you look for so if you look for good in someone you will find it, equally if you look for bad you will find it.

In a society and world where people are so full of criticism it is refreshingly good to have a place where the focus is on praising.

The central purpose of the Church is Praising/Worshipping God. That is why we are here. That is why all are welcome to join us.

So what will you find if you come to worship with us?

If you look for it, you will find a congregation striving to fulfil the goals set in our mission statement above. This is what we aspire to be.

When you come please come with an open mind and you may well be surprised by what you find in worship

We look forward to seeing you.

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