Finance Team – Remit

The Unitary Constitution defines the Treasurer role as follows:

The Session shall appoint a Treasurer who, if holding only that office, need not be a member of the Congregation. He or she shall hold office at the pleasure of the Session. The Treasurer’s duties shall include the keeping of one or more separate Bank Accounts in the name of the Congregation and of such detailed accounting records of the income and expenditure and of the assets and liabilities of the Congregation (including any Poor or Benevolent Funds and bequest funds) as are required for the preparation and independent examination or audit of the Annual Report and Accounts of the Congregation. Such Report and Accounts and all matters connected with them, including their independent examination or audit and submission to Presbytery shall, in all respects, conform to the regulations anent congregational finance as approved by the General Assembly from time to time. The Treasurer and up to four members may be authorised by the Session to act as signatories of all cheques drawn on the Congregation’s bank account(s). Such cheques shall be signed by any two of the said persons; provided that it shall further be competent for the Session from time to time to resolve that cheques drawn for sums less than a specified amount may be signed by any one of the said persons alone.

The duties of the Finance Committee are:

  1. Responsible for overseeing the financial health of the congregation.
  2. Supporting the Treasurer in preparing and maintaining the Church Accounts
  1. Responding to changes in practice and policy as notified by Presbytery, General Trustees or OSCR
  2. Administration of Gift Aid recording and tax returns, and WFO offerings
  3. On a rota basis committee members to administer the weekly count and Bank monies
  4. Active promotion of stewardship and other fundraising
  5. Appointing an independent examiner/auditor as required.
  6. Examining Church organisations accounts to be included in Charity account
  7. Reviewing the investments held by the Church
  8. Advising the Kirk Session on its responsibilities as Trustees under Charity Law
  1. Overseeing the examination of the various Church organisations accounts
  2. Liaising with the Property Team on insurance of Church properties.
  3. Reviewing the salaries of organist, cleaners, and any other employees.
  4. Maintaining communication channels with Presbytery and 121 Stewardship contacts.